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I visited the town fair, and I came across these beautiful handcrafts, I couldn't resist to buy some nice mugs!


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Happy Monday coffee loving friends, blessed week to all, may God's peace be upon each of you; welcome to my blog!

I have told you before that I live in a small town in the State of Bolivar Venezuela, and it is tradition, for the month of May until mid-June, to carry out the so-called “International Fairs of the Coroba”, where they perform the election of queens, live music, the “amanecer llanero”, and the arrival of the “buhoneros de la Coroba”, The arrival of the “buhoneros” that are located on the banks of the Orinoco river offering clothes and a great variety of articles at low prices, it is a tradition in the town to save some money and save it for when the “buhoneros” arrive.

So, yesterday after going to church we went with the family to visit these stalls, and walking around I found some beautiful handicrafts, I could not resist and I stopped to take pictures, and of course I ended up buying 4 beautiful mugs, which I brought home, and which my husband and my 3 children, who are coffee lovers! hehehehehej









A beautiful handmade coffee pot immediately caught my attention, with details of flowers, with a wooden base, which appears to be of good quality and resistance. I continued looking and I also liked a set of cups with their plates all on a beautiful wooden base. with hangers for cups and openings for plates.

There are also round cups, large for coffee with milk and small for coffee; The prices are really affordable, I did the math again and again because I wanted to bring the coffee maker, which costs $10, but I had already spent almost all the money I had on some clothes for me and my family, I even asked him He discounts the man who sells them but, he told me, that was the price, and, I know it's cheap, but I couldn't buy it!

So I ended up buying 4 nice coffee cups for a cost of 100bs, I was very happy with my purchase, but I hope to raise the money and complete to go for my beautiful coffee maker, I really want it! hehehehe

If I can buy it, I'll tell you later!

That's it for my adventure today, I hope you liked it!

Thanks for stopping by!

God bless you!



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          Todas las imágenes son de mi autoría, capturadas con mi teléfono ZTE.

       All images are my own, captured with my ZTE phone.


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