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HACIENDA SANTA FÉ /#STB Coffee Prompt Week 68


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Don Clemente was a rich landowner from the plains of the Portuguesa state, he had a beautiful coffee farm that his ancestors built since the 1900s. He has managed it with a lot of work and dedication, but he is now a very old man and does not have the same energies, that is why it has decided to place an advertisement in the press that says:


This notice was placed in all the newspapers, on all social networks, on national television stations and even reached international news, many curious people wanted to know what it was about. Many tourists came to the area, Portuguese, Russians, Mexicans, everyone wanted to know why. They wanted to give such a beautiful property as a gift…

So days passed, months even up to ten years passed and there was no definitive owner, no one lasted, kids from the city of Caracas came here thinking that everything was easy and it wasn't, no one read the small letters, the letters that no one reads anywhere. He said:

The work on the plain is arduous, the sun will be more merciless, the day will be longer, the nights will have no end, no one will sleep because all the lost souls who died in the same place come out, there are hidden treasures but no one has been able to find, only a pure soul with a noble heart will be able to have them... The clock never stops, not even if it is twelve.


Don Clemente was already 90 years old, he was getting older and, despite his age, he still looked agile, many thought that he was a kind of evil sorcerer who had everything bewitched, who cast spells to mock his fellow men, Nothing could be further from the truth, he was a correct man and wanted to hand over the property to the correct person until one day...

He found out that a young woman was widowed and left with ten small children to take care of, that she was an honest woman and dedicated herself to washing, cooking, sewing and ironing for other people to be able to have an income and support her home, so he investigated. and went to the humble house where she lived:

➡️Hello, nice to meet you, I'm Clemente Cisneros, I have learned about your situation and that you are a good woman, that is why I am giving you a coffee farm so that you can live there with all the luxuries and not depend on doing work for others to survive...

💬Thank you for your offer, sir, but I do not accept it, answered the young Natalia, I do not need luxuries but rather my united family, I am happy working and it is not a disgrace for me, thank you again...

➡️All the more reason, you are the right person, think about your small children that you can give them a better home, a better roof to live in and they will have more space to play and even school, think about it, if you accept, go early tomorrow, but go quickly, see what there is many people walking around to take over the house…

Natalia thought about it well, as soon as the rooster crowed at dawn she left for the farm, she found it beautiful and began to work as always, she made friends with those who worked day and night, her children played happily, she found many very large spaces and the employees He said that they were the product of people looking for treasures that they did not find, they were just fables and myths...

Until one Friday night, just at twelve pm, a whistle was heard far away, for a long time and getting closer, many said it was El Silbón, a soul in pain, and when it was heard closer, it could almost be said at very high altitude. A short distance away she took a wooden pole with a leather strip tied that they use to guide cattle and made a sign of the cross on the ground and said out loud:

I don't know who you are and what you want but at once I tell you: I FORGIVE YOU! She NOW LEAVE US QUIET AND REST IN PEACE! Immediately afterwards the wigeon left quickly and fleetingly and was not heard again. At that moment Don Clemente appeared and gave her a cup of the tastiest coffee she had ever had in her life. He told her:

You are a woman full of Faith, without bad intentions, many did not see it, entire generations needed to have faith as big as this coffee bean, I can only say THANK YOU!... Mr. Clemente also disappeared in the sight of everyone, leaving not only the hacienda but all the treasures for the new owner to manage in the company of her beloved children.



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