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The Haunted Magical Mansion


wonder2320.3517 days agoPeakD4 min read

It was trick and treat and I just wanted to stay home, but no. I could hear her screaming my name. You guessed right my mom.

“Jasmine! Jasmine!! come down fast they are ready” she said with a loud voice, one would think she was a teenager.

“I don’t want to take them trick or treat for candies mama, I just want to be in my room reading my book and having my coffee,” I said to her with a stern face.

https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/beeeee/23yd1iN87Zc4EbmDEVNYEMvPq8rEsqDJDmjQppvuxcFFHZcJceSKpdwZVPQcQNaevp55s.jpeg Source

The twins are always known for their mischievous games so an adult has to go with them.

“Please, I need to go over to the hospital I have my shift and your dad is busy with his game” Mom pleaded.

I finally decided to go with them, I was getting my jacket my I heard “Get a lifetime supply of coffee” It was from Dad, he was reading the papers. I stopped a bit and asked the twins to wait.

“Papa… a lifetime supply of coffee?” I asked him

“There is an offer by Mr. Smith, the filthy rich old man, and a real estate mogul… it is written over here,” He said pointing his hand towards the direction where it read: ANYONE WHO COULD STAY IN THIS HAUNTED HOUSE FOR A WEEK GETS A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF COFFEE From the picture of the house, you could tell it was haunted.

As I took the twins for Trick and Treat I kept thinking of the offer, “the house might not be haunted, it might just be a trick since it is Halloween” I said in my head. When we got back from the Trick and treat, the twins ran to their room to count their candies while I went through the papers for my details.

“I am taking the offer, at least one week away from the twins and then a lifetime supply of coffee.” I went into my room and dialed the number.
“Hello,” a thick bold voice said from the end of the phone.

I swallowed hard and finally said, “I will take the offer, to stay in the house.”

“Okay, I will send you an address and then be there by tomorrow, goodbye”

I let out a sigh and I didn’t feel skeptical about my decision.

The next morning came and I dressed and told Mama I was going to Rachel’s for a week. She was complaining when I left immediately.
I got to the mansion and truly it gave me a haunted feeling. I was asked to stay there and if I could complete my stay for a week I got my supply and I had everything I needed.

https://files.peakd.com/file/peakd-hive/beeeee/EqqwPUjb1bawdcY2RjBtqS5LeodXvdAMo8DZ9Gei9aLWY3PUuX3TRKr93iaBE8SbMbp.jpeg Source

I love my privacy so much, and I was excited to be away from the noisy twins but then this place was creepy. The first night was absolute terror, I knew I heard noises but I didn’t know where they came from.

I was given a landline to call when I was no longer comfortable. I was able to stay for 6 days but then on the 6th night, I heard a voice. I thought it was Mr Smith who had come to check up on me.

I rushed to the entrance but I didn’t see him. I only saw a tiny dog, it kept staring at me.
I was about to go in without it when I heard someone say “You are in my house” I turned and there was no one there except the dog.

“Wait did the dog just speak?” I said in my head “of course, I just spoke”
I jilted backward I had never seen a dog speak. I had to compose myself and finally decided to ask him how he could speak.
Well, it was cold at the entrance so I took it in.

We had a long conversation that was when I realized Mr Smith needed someone to stay in the haunted house so he could prove the house wasn’t haunted.
I found out the house wasn’t haunted but magical as things could talk.

I was only disappointed that, Mr Smith had no intention of giving me a lifetime supply of coffee but just used that as a lure to get someone to prove his point. The Dog gave me a key to one of the doors and asked me to make a wish for anything I wanted. I quickly wish for a lifetime supply of coffee.

I had to leave the mansion before Mr Smith got back so he doesn’t prove any point. Thanks for stopping by my blog


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