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Wonderful time un a great coffeeshop


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 A warm greeting to all of us who are coffee lovers in this #cinnamoncupcoffee community.
Coffee shops are nice places that I visit frequently where I spend a great time, when I get to this place I observe many things that are ideal to consume, stay and enjoy this moment, as I will reveal today in my content, and is the question of this week of this initiative is What are some of the first things you notice when you enter a coffee shop?

I have visited many coffee shops that have impressed me and I have loved them since I met her, is when I return very excited to visit, I consider myself very observant in this, because if I am going to consume a food the place must be impeccable, that is the first thing, this generates me confidence and tranquility.

 In addition there has to be excellent attention where I feel at home, a cafeteria is a place to relax and indulge in our coffee and other foods, a person who serves you what you are going to consume this has to be friendly and a pleasant mood, this is noticeable from the moment you enter a cafeteria.

I like quiet places, where there is no hustle and bustle and where my well-being is guaranteed, so I take this detail into account.
I am one of those people that if I go to a place that doesn't have these requirements I don't have to stay there.

On this occasion, I returned to Olivas, which is a nice and impeccable cafeteria, the attention is excellent, and meets many requirements that I observe, I ordered a Latte without sugar accompanied by a chocolate dessert, while waiting for my order I greeted my companions @mafalda2018 and @dorytagil2022, which were to enjoy in this cafeteria.

This place offers a variety of coffee drinks, breakfasts, lunches and desserts, it has an area for children where they can play while we are drinking and chatting. My coffee was delicious, the touch of vanilla gives it a softness and it's perfect to go with a dessert, I noticed a lot of quality, it's another thing that I take into account when visiting a coffee shop in my lifestyle as a faithful coffee lover.






 I found this contest The Coffee Shop Prompt: No. 64 brought to us by the @cinnccf team and I was interested in participating, inviting my friends to this contest @angelica7 @petrarodriguez.
  The Coffee Shop Prompt Week 64










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