Improving SEO with Canonical Links for Hosted Websites

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Waivio takes a significant step forward in addressing a common challenge faced by all our hosted social shopping sites—duplicate content originating from the Hive blockchain. Each site hosted by Waivio mirrors the same comprehensive array of information from the Hive blockchain, including user profiles, posts, objects, products, and more. This widespread duplication poses a unique problem: search engines like Google struggle to identify the original source of this content, often leading to confusion and inefficiency in search rankings.

Introducing Canonical URLs:

To combat this issue, Waivio is excited to launch a system of canonical URLs. This system serves as a direct communication line to search engines, clarifying which page is the authoritative source of the information.

How It Works:

If a new post is submitted via a hosted website, such as https://CoffeeShop.Gifts, all other websites, including https://waivio.com, will use canonical URLs to reference back to the post on the originating website.


This method significantly improves the ability of search engines to identify and prioritize original content, enhancing the SEO of the originating website.

Benefits for Website Operators and Hive Users:

Improved Search Engine Rankings: By posting more original content through their websites, operators can gain better positioning in search engine results.

Incentives for Onboarding New Users: The canonical address for user profiles is determined by the origin of their first post, making it advantageous to onboard new Hive users through your website.

Complex Attribution for Objects: The canonical attribution for objects is a bit more intricate. The 'Description' field is pivotal in this process. If a user who posted a winning description hosts their website, canonical links will point to that object on their website from all other sites where the product is displayed with that description.

Each product can have multiple descriptions, with separate attributions calculated for each version.

Selecting the Website:

  • Users with multiple hosted websites can designate which site should receive all the canonical credits for objects.

  • To configure, navigate to Tools, Websites - Manage, and select the website for canonical attribution. Remember, only one website can be the primary recipient of canonical referrals.


By posting original content on your hosted website, and encouraging your users to do the same, you can significantly enhance your site's search engine rankings. This improvement is driven by other websites pointing back to your website as the canonical source. Additionally, onboarding new Hive users and adding more products and objects further increases the number of inbound references, improves visibility in search engines, and brings more visitors.

Other Updates:

1. Wallet / Rebalancing - users can select tow or more Hive Engine tokens for rebalancing strategy (4109, 4110);

2. Social.Gifts / Hashtag - custom default hashtag for all new posts on hosted websites to ensure posts appear in newsfeeds (5666, 5665);

3. Posts / Affiliate - add affiliate codes to product links in users posts (5702, 5711);

4. Notifications / Group IDs - notify users who claim authority over a product, when the same Group ID is assigned to a new product (5375, 5376);

5. Social.Gifts / Performance - improve transitions between lists (5708);

6. Wallets / Performance - optimize realtime updates for exchange rates (5722);

7. Bots / Departments - convert lists structures into departments for products (5660, 5729);

8. Social.Gifts / Control - empowering website owners with complete control over object edits on their sites (5734, 5735);

9. Profiles / Shops - add Shop section to users profiles (5769);

10. Profiles / Affiliate - allow users to add their affiliate codes in the profile settings (5770, 5777).

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes:

Tasks: 4129, 4130, 4134, 4131, 4132, 4143, 4144, 4152, 4153, 4186, 4193, 4195, 4200, 4201, 4202, 4226, 4313, 4314, 4315, 4316, 4357, 4358, 4369, 4471, 4501, 4608, 4614, 4636, 4637, 4668, 4671, 4759, 4803, 4810, 5159, 5635, 5642, 5643, 5644, 5645, 5654, 5658, 5659, 5664, 5677, 5699, 5700, 5701, 5706, 5707, 5709, 5710, 5719, 5720, 5721, 5730, 5731, 5732, 5733, 5762, 5768, 5778, 5779.

Waivio is an open-source project. Further information about tasks and development progress can be found on GitHub.


GitHub: https://github.com/Waiviogit/waivio

X: https://x.com/waiviolabs

Blog: https://www.waivio.com/@waivio

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