Welcome the developers of @waivio - @waivioDev team!


waiviodev3 years ago

@waivioDev - a team of enthusiast programmers who are interested in the idea of ​​Steemit, ready to use it for new concepts. Under the guidance of @grampo, we are working to implement the idea of ​​@waivio ( Waivio Whitepaper).
The Waivio application is being developed (the project is open source) based on the popular @busy.org Steem client.
Waivio objects functionality (hashtags on steroids) is added to @busy.org, allowing users to use hashtags as open communities where each user has their own weight, rating, and can develop it together with like-minded people.
Rising to the top will be easier thanks to the internal rating of objects. And one of the advantages is that contributions to the objects lets their whale-representatives to support you with their (expensive) votes. And this is just the beginning.

We will keep you informed, you can always find our updates on #waivio, or @waivioDev. We are happy to get feedback and suggestions of features. Your comments can really affect the project!


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