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With these Instagram hacks you can watch the Instagram story anonymously so that your profile does not appear in the list of people seen. In this Instagram tutorial we will show you 4 ways to secretly watch stories on Instagram.

View Instagram Story anonymously - Here's how

In today's episode we want to show you how you can anonymously and easily view any IG story from a public profile. You don't have to be a hacker to do this, anyone can do it.

Who does not know it? There is someone you would like to take a closer look at, but perhaps you don't know that well. Nevertheless, you definitely don't want your curiosity about this person to be misinterpreted. An anonymous click on the current story would be too nice to see what that person is doing. Or you still can't quite get your ex-girlfriend out of your head and you'd be really interested to know what she puts in her stories. There are many scenarios in which we would like anonymity on Instagram so as not to allow unnecessary interpretations. We understand you and will therefore introduce you to a few ingenious tricks in this video.

Trick #1: Activate airplane mode

The first trick is airplane mode. In our opinion the fastest and most uncomplicated. Maybe you know this option e.g. B. from YouTube videos. You watch a video and at the same time it loads. If your internet connection suddenly fails, you can still continue watching to the point where it is already loaded. The same thing works with Instagram Stories. When you open the app, just wait until the story you want to see gets a colored circle. The circle is the sign that this story has now fully loaded. Now you can easily go into flight mode and also disconnect the WiFi connection. So now you are offline and now have the opportunity to watch all the stories with a colorful circle around them at your leisure and of course without getting into the “seen by” list. You see, it's very simple.

Trick #2: View Instagram Story anonymously using preview

Let's move on to the next trick. The preview trick is even faster and easier. If you want to watch a story that appears in the top bar between other stories, then this trick is now for you. Click on the story that is directly before the story you want to view anonymously. Tap your way to the last page and then stop. You do this by clicking on the screen without letting go. Now gently push the last page of the story to the left, but be careful not to let go. You'll see that a cube has formed, giving you a preview of the next story, exactly the one you wanted to see. Still with your finger firmly on the screen, you push the preview back and click on “x” before you are accidentally sent on. This way you have now seen the first page of the story. If you do the same process with the story that appears immediately after, you can get a preview of the last page. Unfortunately, with this trick it is not possible to see the intermediate pages, but only the first and last pages of the story.

View Instagram Story anonymously even without an account

But if you don't have an Instagram account at all, then there is a completely different option for you - insta-stories-viewer.com. Here you enter the account name and the page immediately shows you all posts and stories in large format. Without worrying about your visibility, you can now click through and even download any story https://insta-stories-viewer.com/billieeilish/.


The next trick is only for the tough stalkers among us who don't let up easily and maybe don't really trust the first tricks. If you already have Google Chrome, you can simply download “Igsaved” completely free of charge. Without further ado, you have all the stories at your fingertips, which you can watch anonymously at your leisure. Now you don't have to look up how every trick worked again, you have it directly on your desktop https://igsaved.com/photo/.


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