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Who Will Win VIBES Next? Honourable Mentions List (Artist Radar Post!) From Week 14!


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After much consideration, I wanted to highlight all of the talented artists who I think could potentially win in the future because of their various skillsets, creative expressions, their ability to perform live consistently at a high level with minor or little mistakes, their attention to detail and following the rules and being an inspirational performer in our community and the musical knowledge that they have which they apply and showcase throughout their entries. The aim of this special list is to help artists know where they (generally stand) in terms of if they are being recognized for their talents and if they are on the right track to being mentioned in the top 10 list, or at least somewhat being considered for the top 10 list, So long as, their continual entries are of a high quality and caliber, and worthy of such recognition.

This list includes participants who did not win in Week 14, and also includes participants who have won previously in other weeks. Some may be deserving to win again, especially if it has been a little while since they last won, considering our competition is growing and we have to juggle and decide through more than a few hundred people, we are doing this as fairly as possible. Some are consistently amazing, and others who are nearly as good, also deserve a chance to shine and be rewarded with big cash prizes in HBD.
This Honourable Mentions List is in no particular order other than an alphabetical order in so that people can find themselves, their friends and family easily. This list can be used in Transparency with my Vibes All Time Winner's Post to show who hasn't won at all yet, and gives a gauge of who we could expect to be considered for the next week's top 10, (again, I stress and emphasize, As Long As their new week entry is done at a high level, hits all the marks we are looking for for a winning entry and maybe they get extra points for originality, risk taking and or following the week's theme (if there is one, and for this week 15, there is No Theme).

Congratulations to everyone who has made it on this list so far, you are on the right path to potentially winning or winning again for those of you who have won already. It's okay to have a bad performance here and there, it happens, we are only human, but we are capable of greatness and creating music that impacts and changes lives. You never know who is watching and listening to your entry/song/performance and how it affects them, or has uplifted, rescued, or saved them in some way. That is the power of music and emotion packaged effectively together in harmony, symphony, euphony and melody. Four of my favorite words, two of them being the names of my daughters, Harmony & Symphony, and Euphony being the name of an album I made about 10 years ago. Without further ado, I give you, in alphabetical order, our commendable, respectable, admirable, inspirational and motivational... Honourable Mentions' list from Week 14:

Quick Note: This list will be renewed each Week, and you may be removed from This List depending on your last performance. So keep your entries at a high quality standard to stay on this list! Also, those who are not on the list, are the ones who actually won week 14, so eventually, every once in awhile, you want to be Off this list for the best reason possible, and that would be because you actually won for that week! So of course you wouldn't need to be on this Honourable Mentions' list at all. Best of Skill, luck is never needed!



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