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Social and work life in the cafeteria/The CoffeeShop Prompt 58


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A necessary introduction

Hello to the members of this coffee, tea and life loving community. Once again in the community to participate in the initiative proposed for this week, in which we are asked if we do more social life than work life in the coffee shops we visit.


In my case there is a division of opinions because many times I do social life in the coffee shops, I share with friends or with my wife. Several times I have also expressed my interest in drinking coffee at home and this means that many times I consume coffee in the coffee shops while having a work life.
For these reasons, I share both modalities.

Working life in coffee shops



Because of the function I perform as Director of Knowledge Management of the Institute of Geology and Paleontology in Cuba, I have to organize several scientific events and workshops, which leads me to carry out work activities in coffee shops. Similarly, there are cafeterias preferred by this server and his workers in which we perform cultural and recreational activities that can be considered as work activities, although, in this case they are also social.

In this modality there have been several activities that in these months we have carried out and that the cafeterias have served as a way of enjoyment and work.
We can refer to activities for International Women's Day, Love and Friendship Day or Workshops of the Center's Scientific Reserve, Workshop on Coastal Vulnerabilities and Dangers of Sea Level Rise.

Other activities that we have carried out in these places have to do with Management Councils, Meetings to analyze results of research projects and others related to the activity that we execute.

Social life






I use this modality more when I go on vacation or when I go out on weekends with my wife. Many times, when we have attended a camping trip, a hotel or trips for rest and leisure, the cafeterias have been our best allies.
From the last few months, I remember the trip we made to the Topes de Collantes Tourist Complex where we visited several coffee shops in the complex and the Casa Museo del Café, an enclave that is one of the best in the country in this sense.
A final comment

It is true that, in my case, in recent times I have used more the work modality than the social modality, but, in any case, both modalities are used and enjoyed.
Note: I have used the translator DeepL Translate.
All photos are my own taken with my Samsung J2 phone


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