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tamapratama158.2829 days ago2 min read

Hello friends..

Have a lovely day.. Hopefully everyone is in good health and carries out all their daily activities with enthusiasm and a smile.

On this occasion, I will again share several photos of the atmosphere of the beauty of the twilight with the peace of the afternoon which provides a beautiful experience of nature that combines naturally with the peace of the afternoon.

Twilight slowly began to creep down on the western horizon very calmly, presenting dazzling orange and pink hues in the sky. In the midst of this beauty, a view of the mosque building with a majestic dome standing firmly in the midst of natural-looking nature, is a silent witness to the meeting between nature and building architecture.

Its reddish gold dome shimmers in the evening sun, creating a reflection that seems to radiate light from heaven.

Around the mosque building, the beautiful expanse of green trees stands tall with the feel of green rice fields, giving a cool and peaceful impression. The gentle afternoon breeze made the leaves sway gently, as if greeting everyone with complete serenity.


  • The feel of the green rice fields from the seeds that have been planted, become rice plants that grow abundantly, filling every inch of land with colors that are soothing to the eye combined with natural twilight.


  • The fresh afternoon air carries the aroma of wet soil and lush plants that decorate the natural surroundings.


  • This evening looks peaceful, with the beauty of the gold and red domed mosque building, beautifully combined with the green trees and rice fields, as well as the tranquility of the surroundings which include natural nature, giving a beautiful impression of experiencing the pleasure of living natural paintings that pamper the eyes and soothe the soul.


  • Every natural element combines perfectly, creating a view that is not only beautiful, but also full of meaning and spirituality in every situation.
    That's my post on this occasion, I hope you are interested and don't forget to keep my next post story. See you soon

Thank you



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