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My first accident on bike


sylvasticks50.6522 days ago4 min read

As we all know that children's love for bicycle is second to none sometimes I wonder what could probably be the reason


Although children love to play and have fun with their friends and loved ones it is just a reality that can't be disrupted you can't stop a child from playing,so I just want to share with you guys the first accident I had with a bicycle.

 I so much love bicycle from childhood even when I didn't have one,then I had always been wanting to learn how to ride a bicycle especially when I see others do it either a child or an adult which I always thought to ride a bicycle was very simple and that I can actually ride a bike without being coach by anyone 😄 this fate actually worked for me but it wasn't an easy feat it was a funny experience althrough.

   After all the request I made to my parents and closed relative that I want them to buye bicycle which they all agreed to get me one, but guess what? non of them accomplished their promise😌 since they don't want to get a bike this got me to be closer to my friends that had bicycles I started learning from the basics and the only thing i could do was just balancing on the bike while my friends pushed my back😂 anytime I tried to paddal I discovered that I lose control of the front wheel it will make me fall off the bike but because I had so much interest I couldn't stop.


After much effort some week past I was able to ride a bicycle but was not perfect at it this was when I started having some crazy experience with bike,I remember when I could have poured a roadside seller goods on a busy market day because I wasn't able to fully control the steer of the bike but I managed to escape,my whole body was shaking after the incident so I step down from the bike started rolling it instead of riding cause I was afraid of having an accident but I never knew that one was waiting for me.for safety I reduced my cycling on busy roads anytime I was opportuned to ride I must make sure it is in a less busy street
On a good Sunday afternoon with the hot sun one of my nephew that had a bicycle visited this time I was very excited because I could ride a bicycle,after he met with my parents and was welcomed I got to him and ask if I can ride his bike he agreed that I use it,anyways initial intension was not go out of the compound

I was already carried away by the pleasure of the smooth ride which made me step out into the road,I was just fine putting on good smile on my face some of my friends were just guessing at me and I was doing a showoff not knowing that I was going to had an accident from my street to where I stoped was a 4 kilometers ride.

   On my way back to the house i entered the road that leads to my street where I mistakenly entered a bad gallop I lost control of the bike and I immediately I tried to stand in attempt to hit the padal so to have my front wheel in control unknown to me my right leg slip off from the base of the pedal, I found myself on the ground with the bike I totally entangled with the bike and I obtain severe wound on my knees and on my ankle I was pained but managed to quickly get up so nobody would see me blood started to rush from my knees with pain I drove the bike home and told them what happened I was taken to the pharmacy for treatment.

   It was very painful that I lost appetite to eat food I was anticipating for the wounds to heal

Some time we just need put on our safety suit you never can tell what will happen on your cycling.


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