National Guy’s Valentine’s Day Coming Soon!


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Everyone knows February the 14th is Valentine’s Day the national celebration of love! But few people realize that just a month later is the national guy’s Valentine’s day. Now that you know this you probably have a few questions, so let’s get down to them and discover more about this elusive holiday together.

Okay, let’s start with the first thing yes this is a real holiday although the way it came about is a little unusual. The choosing of March 14th actually came about thanks to Tom Birdsey a DJ for the WFNX radio station in Boston, Massachusetts.

During a show in 2002, he prosed the launch of Guy’s Valentine’s Day that he called … well, we aren’t going to say what he called it. Now clearly with a name like that the proposal was satirical in nature and not something he proposed seriously.

Also, with a name like that it was clear that anyone listening to the show was an adult and thus even if made only in jest this was a very adult-orientated idea. But Valentine’s Day is actually celebrated by younger people as well and thus a more “official” Guy’s Valentine’s Day would need to be more inclusive.

The Modern Guy’s Valentine’s Day

So, now you know how the March 14th day originated and the more satirical jokey nature of guy’s Valentine’s day let’s look at the present situation. In 2016 the retailer LoveWorks, who specializes in gifts designed for relationships, set about making guy’s Valentine’s day a real and serious holiday.

Heather Williams a spokesperson for LoveWorks explained the importance of the day saying: “Guys are rarely the ones getting the attention they need (but won’t admit to needing) from their partners, and their partner’s families. We want to encourage a broader base of people to show their appreciation and affection for the men in their lives”.

She also outlined the more family-friendly nature of the day so it was a holiday everyone could take part in. So, now you know how the more modern take on guy’s Valentine’s day came about you might be thinking it all sounds nice but isn’t Valentine’s day for men too?

The Valentine’s Day Conundrum

Valentine’s Day might be a national celebration of love, but it also can’t be denied it’s becoming very female-focused. Just look at all the gifts focused on women compared to men and you can see the stark difference.

LoveWorks themselves highlighted the difference saying more sales are made by men during Valentine’s day period than those made by couples and woman combined. But a simple look at shop shelves in the weeks leading to Valentine’s day will show you all you need to see.

While it isn’t officially a women-only holiday it does seem that in many Western countries it has unofficially become one. Now that’s not to say everyone celebrates the day like this but many do, and it can lead men to feel like they are playing “second fiddle” to their wives and partners during the day.

In many ways splitting the holidays into two for a female-focused Valentine’s day one month and guy’s Valentine’s day the next to make sense for both parties because they each get a day to themselves. In many ways, this is how Asian countries celebrate as well.

In countries such as Korea, Japan, and Taiwan women tend to buy gifts for the men in their lives on the 14th of February while on the 14th of March men were expected to return the favor. This March holiday is known as “White Day” and was set-up so both men and women had a day in their honor.

So, while it might seem like a guy’s Valentine’s Day is unnecessary it does have an important purpose because the “traditional” focus of Valentine’s day has changed a lot. So, having the two days one for men and one for women makes a lot of sense.

Celebrating Guy’s Valentine’s Day

So, now you know the history and the reason for the day itself let’s look at the fun part celebrating it! LoveWorks has designed guy’s Valentine’s Day to reflect the modern Valentine’s Day. It might surprise you to learn that while Valentine’s is most popular with couples, not everyone who celebrates, buys a gift for a romantic partner.

Friends, co-workers and more have bought gifts for each other. So, while guy Valentine’s Day is primarily focused on couples buying a gift for the man in their life it also looks to celebrate friendships between men as well.

So, whether you’re buying a gadget or some beer for your husband or boyfriend of going out with your bros to celebrate together Guy’s Valentine’s Day is the day to do it! Guy’s Valentine’s Day is designed to be a fun and happy day to celebrate the special male relationships in our lives.

But it’s also a celebration that carries an important message to it. The number one complaint amongst men in long-term relationships is that they don’t feel appreciated. Many men also suffer from a lack of support when it comes to their emotions and can often feel isolated.

So, the national guy’s Valentine’s day also provides a much-needed way to positively celebrate men in all their forms. You can show that you appreciate and care for them by celebrating them on their very own special day!


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