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[Eng /Esp] Makeup is art //El maquillaje es arte7


paty20052.5 K16 days agoHive.Blog


Hello gems friends, how are you? Thankful to God for allowing me to share with you again. Today I will be talking to you about makeup artistry.

Hola amigos de gems, como están? Agradecida con Dios por permitirme compartir con ustedes nuevamente. Hoy les estaré hablando de arte del maquillaje.

There are people who think that doing makeup is just grab a brush and put any color and that's it, doing makeup requires study, you have to know how to combine colors, know what color goes according to the skin color of the person, prepare the skin before applying makeup so as not to damage it, it requires courses and time.

Hay personas que piensan que hacer maquillaje es solo agarra una brocha y colocarte cualquier color y listo,hacer maquillaje requiere estudio hay que saber combinar los colores saber que color va acorde con el color de piel de la persona, prepara la piel antes de aplicar el maquillaje para así no dañarla requiere de cursos y tiempo.


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