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Requesting reviews for the Local Public Eatery (Kistilano)

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pacificgifts16.474 years agoWaivio

Support your local restaurants in Vancouver, BC and earn rewards at the same time!

This time we are requesting honest reviews of select dishes at the Local Public Eatery (Kitsilano at Cornwall Ave. & Yew St.)


Local Public Eatery

These are very unusual times, and your favorite restaurants need your support now like never before.

Please reserve the reward before you write a review, as the list of rewards is dynamic and constantly changing.

There is no need to write a long review, just take 2 original photos of the dish and write a few words: What do you think about the presentation, the taste and the overall value. That is all!


Local Nacho Kit

The rewards are paid in HIVE crytocurrency (top 30), which can either be used in Hive social blockchain or cashed out using any Bitcoin ATM.

Deluxe Burger


Veggie Burger

The point of this reward campaign is to collect real-life photos of specific dishes so that other customers can see what they will get when they order here.

Dine with purpose!

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2210 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver, BC
Common food done uncommonly well.
PRICE: $$ | YOU EARN: 5.80
Earn 5.80


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