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Requesting photos and quick reviews of dishes at Cardero's Restaurant (Vancouver, BC)


pacific.gifts3.724 years agoWaivio2 min read

Pacific Dining Gifts offers STEEM rewards for honest reviews of dishes at the Cardero's Restaurant. Each review should include at least two original photos of the dish. Please also say a few words about the dish itself: Did you like the presentation, the taste? In your opinion, was it worth the money? Can it be improved?


Cardero's Restuarant (Vancouver)

Rewards are paid as a combination of Voting Power and Liquid STEEM.

There are no specific eligibility requirements at the time of the launch of the campaign (minimum expertise, number of previous posts or number of active followers), but these qualifications may be changed later.

Here are some of the dishes we are requesting reviews for (the list is dynamic, so please check the active campaign for details).


Harvest Salad


Thai Curry Prawns


Coal Harbour Burger

Be sure to reserve the reward, because offers are subject to change at any time. At the time of reservation, the amount of the reward is set in STEEM and you will have a few days to complete the review.

You must have an active Steem account to participate in these campaigns. Users may write one paid review per month for this restaurant. You can also explore other offers for nearby restaurants at any time.

Bon appétit!

Cardero's Restaurant

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1583 Coal Harbour Quay, Vancouver, BC
We are Fish, Chops & a Wok.
PRICE: $$$ | YOU EARN: 6.88
Earn 6.88


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