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back again with me, this time I want to return to writing in this great community, there are many things that can be told here about cars and it's just right that I collect various kinds of cars, so this time I want to explain a little bit about the CR V.

 This car is one of the products from Japan that was introduced to all corners of the world, not only in Japan, even from Sabang to Morocco there are enthusiasts,

 This car was released for the first time in Japan in 1995, at that time maybe there were not many requests, only around Japan, so not long after that in 2001 this Japanese car was already abundant in Indonesia. So from the comfort that I feel this car, so now it has become worldwide, because of the various advantages that exist in this car.



to the superiority of this crv car in addition to its very cool shape, it turns out that there are also various colors. This car looks very dashing, the minimalist that is attached to the first light, the front lights are also very cool.

 The design of the headlights is very dashing, we can see the picture below, also in addition to that there is a very strong car handle, so with this appearance the CR-V car can be worldwide, even the warrants also have various brands, I personally prefer it. the white one, because white looks cleaner than other colors


in terms of comfort, it is very satisfying. When climbing the engine is also very strong to climb, so this car will be ready to fight anywhere, without having to choose a place, because of this car. It has a very strong pull, so it is able to climb even though it is .

 CR-V car. has a length of 4,584 mm. While the width is 1,885 and the height is 1679 MM. With an area like this, it can accommodate passengers in it, about 8 people are very comfortable sitting in it.


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