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OCD's Onboarding Program Compilation #142


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Hello everyone!

This is a compilation post that will serve as a summary and status of the onboarding program. For those who are late to the party, OCD's onboarding program aims to bring more users to Hive and retain those users through the curation of posts submitted by the onboarders.

Anyone who's active in Hive is invited to apply as an OCD onboarder. Please see the details of the application process at the end of this post.

Who Onboarded Who

@soy-laloreto onboarded @sain-wen


Aterrizando en la ciudad de Hive: Mi presentación [ESP/ENG]

Hello, entrepreneurs. My name is Miguel Pérez, I am from Venezuela, the land of folklore, beautiful women, and llanera music. I am proud to have been born in this country and, although it is not going through its best moment right now, here I am, standing firm, working for a better future.

My childhood was magical, I remember it with nostalgia, in a world where today's technology did not exist. Studying was my fun, meeting with neighborhood friends, playing hide and seek, little soccer, spinning top, marbles, and so on.

My adolescence was also magical, the first achievement I obtained was graduating as a high school graduate from the technical school "Monseñor Gregorio Adams", Venezuela, Carabobo State, where I obtained the title as a Clinical Laboratory Technician. I practiced for about a year in that profession. The idea of not practicing it anymore comes from a situation that occurred while I was working; I will tell this anecdote in a future post. Wait for it.

@soy-laloreto onboarded @dime-kairapaez14


¡Conóceme un poco! [ing/esp]

My name is Kaira, some friends call me negra, others neni or gorda, my sisters call me maní or niña and my mommy calls me pichón. I was born on February 14th at 12:45 AM (to get this last piece of information, I asked my mommy and since she didn't remember the time, she went crazy looking for my birth certificate to verify) in the central hospital of Maracay, Edo Aragua, Venezuela.

@soy-laloreto onboarded @e-alviarez



So far, a little bit of my history, about my tastes, since I am a Chelsea FC fan (right now losing a little patience with the results of this season). However, I don't play soccer, I'm terrible. I like basketball much more, and I play it, as far as I like to think, well. I really like watching movies, it is almost customary every Sunday to dedicate the entire afternoon to watching movies and series. But my big hobby is listening to music, especially the 90's (I like alternative rock so it's the best time for that type of music). I listen to basically everything except vallenato. I prefer rock but my tastes range from rock, blues, jazz, country, pop, salsa. My favorite band is Metallica. But like I said I listen to everything. My two older brothers gave me that influence, one listened to Metallica, Queen, Guns 'n Roses, AC/DC. But the other listened to Luis Miguel, Cristian Castro, Mecano, Laura Pausini. So the music I listen to is varied

@soy-laloreto onboarded @leopard0


De vuelta a las letras / Back to the letters.

It is almost unanimous that the best way to start your way in Hive is to introduce yourself to the community. It has become a tradition of courtesy that from the start warns new users that within the ecosystem there are rules to follow, including good manners. It is also a way of offering confidence to those who read you, that they are interacting with a real subject, a matter in which technological advances have blurred the borderline.

Well, I am Leopoldo, a Cuban arriving at Hive, something I had wanted for a long time, but had postponed for many reasons, one of them being very important: its complexity. My 59 years, label me as a digital migrant, so it is more difficult for me to understand the conceptual environment in which this virtual house is built.

@soy-laloreto onboarded @makold


Makold's new adventure the introduction to HIVE [eng/spa]

My name is Carlos Ramos, born in the capital city of the state of Sucre called Cumana, approximately 37 years ago, to be more exact on July 27, 1986, since childhood I have liked the computer, games and food, these 3 things have been my greatest interests so much so that even in the jobs I have played both inside and outside the country are linked to these 3 topics.

@dehai onboarded @mholldy08



Let me start by introducing my name. Hi! I am @mholldy08, 16 years old and I live in Poblacion, San Remigio, Cebu. I am a Grade 10 student of San Remigio National High School. My father is an electrician my mother is a housewife. I have 3 siblings, among them, I am the youngest. My eldest sister lives in the city of Cebu as she works there as a Photo Editor. My brother on the other hand, is still in 2nd year college in CTU, Daanbantayan. I can only see my siblings every weekend or even once a month. It's a bit sad to think about how time passes by so quick. In a blink of an eye, everything has changed.

@dehai onboarded @gialleria


INTO THE HIVE (gia's first blog) ! 𖤐⭒๋࣭ ᡣ

꒱১ MY PERSONALITY TYPE, LIKES, & HOBBIES: My personality type (MBTI) is INFP-T. I grew up in a very lively and active environment so I was full of energy when I was young. However, as I grew older, I became shy and preferred to be alone most of the time. One thing about me is I love animals. I love to take care of and pet random animals on the street or in our compound because I find them very adorable as they also need to be taken care of as living beings. Aside from that, people also know me as a sweet, caring, and understanding person who is also a personal therapist to many. I rarely get mad and yell at people because I don’t want to be the source of their sadness. However, I am an emotional and sensitive person so I tend to easily cry. I also love traveling and someday dream of going to Paris to live there. Here is also a list of my other hobbies:

@jeannamazing onboarded @mariejeijeim


Embarking this new life journey with Hive: Be with me as I sail this adventure as J!

Hello, a new Hiver here. To begin with, let me introduce myself by sharing my name. I’m Jessiel Marie Demoral, and I come from the country of Asia's pearl of the Orient, the Philippines, from its specific islands of the Queen City of the South. Cebu is in the northern province of Cebu, San Remigio. I’m very much more willing and excited to let everyone know my life stories, lessons, and experiences




39former onboarders266

Please take note that the stats do not reflect the current state of each onboarders as of this time because we are still catching up with this compilation post. The stats will be updated in each compilation post until it becomes up to date with the onboarding initiative.

Onboarder Application

OCD's onboarding program is conceptualized to be a powerful mechanism in attracting and retaining new content creators. Since incentives are given to active onboarders, it could be a nice income generation for those who wanted to focus more in inviting new users to Hive. For more information about this program, please refer to this post.

If you want to be an onboarder, join us in OCD's Discord Server and write your application in #onboarder-application channel. Your application must contain the following:

  1. Your Hive username.
  2. The types of users you will be inviting.
  3. The reason why you want to be part of the onboarding program.

Once you've applied, there will be a vetting process. We will check your on-chain activity to make sure that you can be trusted. Once you're in, you have the capacity to make an invite link using OCD's account creation token, invite anyone you think is a good addition to Hive with a quick and no SMS required account creation, nominate the posts of your invites through a special channel for curation, and get beneficiary rewards both from the users you've invited, posts like these and more benefits in the future!

Be warned that you are responsible for your invites. Meaning, their activity reflects on how you mentor them. Any suspicious activity of your invite can be a ground for your expulsion in the program. Make sure that before they start posting in Hive, you already oriented them on the activities to avoid such as plagiarism.

Be an onboarder now!


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