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Celebrating a success; 15th hive borehole in Ghana.


mcsamm14.1 K25 days agoPeakD3 min read

A serious problem that affects many villages in Africa and other parts of the world is water scarcity. Access to clean drinking water is a daily problem for populations in many places, including Ghana. Government attempts to address this situation, despite the pressing need have frequently failed, leaving many people on their own. Having access to clean water can significantly improve the lives of those living in these villages by bringing opportunities, hope, and health.

Technology has the ability to bring about significant improvements in our digital age. Even though many individuals utilize technology for different things, I (@mcsamm) am really happy with how my involvement with the Web3 platform called Hive blockchain has improved the lives of people in Ghanaian communities in measurable ways.
The Hive community has worked together to provide funding and assist the construction of 15 boreholes, each of which offers a lifeline to those who are neglected.
The successful opening and dedication of the 15th Hive-funded borehole in Nantong Kpawumo, which is situated in the northern part of Tamale, Ghana, took place yesterday, June 29th, 2024. Since this area is among the most severely affected by water scarcity, the borehole is a priceless resource. It was very touching to see the people's happy expressions as they welcomed the arrival of safe, readily available water.

The chief of Nantong Kpawumo had gathered his people to see this momentous occasion, and it was a colorful celebration. Northern Ghanaian media outlets were present as well, capturing the spirit of the event. Nantong Kpawumo has now added this borehole to the list of communities from which the creativity and power of the Hive blockchain have benefited.


Having access to clean water is a basic need that will greatly raise Nantong Kpawumo's standard of living. Now that they are not as burdened with carrying water, women and children may devote more time and energy to other vital tasks. The availability of a constant supply of water for farming will increase agricultural output. With the elimination of the necessity for them to walk far to get water, students will be able to devote more time to their education. The general health and well-being of the population is expected to significantly improve

As we commemorate this incredible accomplishment, I want to express my sincere appreciation to everyone who helped make this project possible. The people of Ghana have experienced the power of technology over ordinary government policy, as evidenced by the Hive blockchain's ability to have a real-world impact. Keep checking back for more information about the inauguration ceremony and the ongoing development of this ground-breaking project.






Completed Hive Boreholes in Ghana
1st hive borehole, Fawoade, Ghana

2nd hive borehole, Agona Bedomase, Ghana

3rd hive borehole, Anwomaso, Ghana

4th hive borehole: Pentecost sch Bremang, Ghana

5th hive borehole, Jamasi Dawu

6th hive borehole, Asamang

7th hive borehole, Asamang

8th hive borehole: Chichibon

9th hive borehole, Chanshegu

10th hive borehole, Gbamyamli

11th hive borehole, Kanvili-kukuo

12th hive borehole, Asamankama A

13th hive borehole: Asamankama B

14th hive borehole: Wadie Adwumakase


Project : Construction of borehole
Location : Nantong Kpawumo, Ghana, West Africa
Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


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