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A moment of coffee with my mom in Amarelo


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馃挄 Hello Hive Community! 馃挄


Yesterday I had a quiet afternoon shopping, and for some strange reason I was quite tired and I couldn't explain why. I was with my mana at the mall looking at some clothing offers, and we finished pretty fast, for what we are used to. So, using the extra time we had, we decided to go for a coffee.



I told my mom to go to Amarelo, the nicest coffee shop in this mall, it is also the most expensive, but since we were only going for 2 coffees, it was actually pretty good. We arrived at the place and sat at one of the side tables, ordered 2 cappuccinos and waited about 10 minutes for our order to arrive. As always, I have to say that Amarelo has something that transmits tranquility. I think it is their aesthetics, the colors they use, the aroma of the coffee and the good service they have.



I think, I'm not really sure, that the coffee they prepare here is produced or marketed by themselves, since they have several packages on display with their logo, name and all, but the truth is that I have never asked. What I do know is that a cup of coffee here never fails. I really like it myself and Amarelo's cappuccino is my favorite. It has an exquisite flavor, a consistency with a touch of cream that gives it the kick and it comes in a very good size.


I had been wanting to stop by Amarlo for a couple of days, I had been looking forward to it and since I always get what I want, I enjoyed it a lot. I really like the frapuchinos and milkshakes, they are too good. Also, they sell the best brownie I have ever eaten in my life. It is really worth coming to try some of the things they have, and especially the coffee they sell. I hope you enjoyed this experience, see you soon!

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