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There was an update to the new Leofinance UI, which is mostly LeoThreads at this point. It was one that some were awaiting as it added polls to the platform. This is considered a big move since it does bring truly decentralized voting to Hive.

On its own, this is not a game changer. So far, nothing we saw was the Killer App. At this point, we might need to conclude that it does not exist. Instead, Web 3.0 is based upon the continued development of projects, providing more features to the user base. Over time, as they roll out, the offerings to the community grows. This can be shown to others, hopefully drawing their interest too.

Therefore, what Leofinance is doing makes a great deal of sense. In the few weeks the app was live, we see how there is a growing number of features. Each week, a couple updates brings more to the table.

At the moment, we are still lagging Twitter in some important areas regarding features. However, the bridge is closing as more gets added. Naturally, the number of users is a completely different story.



Steady Progress

Polls puts LeoThreads on an equal footing with Twitter regarding this feature. Before the update, polls were on Twitter but not on Threads. This is just a match, so not much to be gained there.

Or is there?

One of the key aspects to polls on LeoThreads is the fact that it is decentralized and transparent. We also have immutable voting.

Nobody is sure if Stalin actually said the above quote. Hell, for all we know, it might have been Yogi Berra. Either way, this strikes a chord with people because it makes sense. How do we know the votes we cast were counted and are valid?

In reality, we do not.

With polls, this all changes. LeoThreads enables anyone to put up a poll. This cannot be stopped since accounts are owned by the individuals and cannot be banned. So far, this is a step ahead of Twitter.

Then we have the voting. This uses the blockchain to record the votes. LeoThreads uses custom JSONs for each vote cast. This is immutable since it is posted to the chain, transparent since anyone can read it, and decentralized due to the witness system keeping the ledger.

Therefore, we see something Twitter cannot offer.

Leofinance Charging Ahead

Many are discouraged, especially during the bear market. However, if we step back, we see Leofinance is charging ahead.

LeoThreads is the project blank that was so long discussed. It is fully under the Leofinance umbrella meaning that all value capture is pushed to $LEO. This is a fact that will become more evident when the UI exits alpha and the ad revenue program is added.

One thing that Hive has consistently lacked is a revenue stream entering the ecosystem. We see this with the likes of Ethereum yet not with Hive. Leofinance is looking to alter this by producing revenues which then can be used to buy the token off the open market.

Each time a page is viewed it provides an opportunity to increase the revenue. This is where LeoThreads could be, in totality, a game changer. Hive has yet to see sustained success with the token price of any layer 2. Can you imagine the excitement within Hive if $LEO hit, say, 50 cents and stayed at that level, then grinding higher?

Long-term focus means understanding how building occurs and what the process looks like. It is a lot of work with things taking time. Progress is being made and that is the key.

Do not consider where things will be in a few weeks. Focus upon where they will be in 2025.

LBI is in good position to ride with Leofinance success.

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