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Conversations with Vaultec from VSC, What Sets Hive Apart?


khaleelkazi20 K25 days ago2 min read

Hi everyone! In a really interesting Chain Chatter session, Vaultec explained from his perspective as a user and developer what sets Hive apart from other blockchains and highlighted areas for improvement, which is exactly what the VSC project is currently working on.

In this clip:

  • Hive's SocialFi experience is very unique
  • Innovation in security and human-readable wallets
  • Hive possess features that don't exist in other blockchains or require a smart contract to exist
  • Improving Hive's onboarding process and making it accessible with multiple wallets.

Vaultec is a well-known developer on Hive, currently working on the VSC project that aims to enable the creation of Smart Contracts on Hive and various other exciting applications.

As a user and developer with experience on other blockchains, Vaultec tells us what, from his perspective, sets Hive apart. Mainly, it's the SocialFi experience, its innovation allowing multiple levels of keys, human-readable wallets, and the fact that it doesn't feel like you are on a blockchain. Additionally, Hive has features that other blockchains lack or require smart contracts for. It's also fast and fee-less.

However, there are still improvements to be made, especially concerning onboarding and the sign-in process. Vaultec suggests compatibility with other wallets, so users accustomed to blockchains like Ethereum and Solana can access Hive with their wallets and have a seamless experience, including trading Hive and HBD without creating a new wallet or needing to learn all about how Hive works.

The VSC project has a value proposition aimed at addressing these issues and creating solutions to make Hive more attractive to audiences already familiar with crypto and other blockchains.

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