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Many times throughout my time here on Steem I have heard about the frustration with the lack of communication between all community members, Steemit inc., and the witnesses. I feel efforts are being made to improve this daily, but I am still hearing a lot of frustration from the community itself. I have tried to do my best to help with this when I can, as have others, but I am not a top witnesses or anything more than a community member myself.. and even when I try to make posts to help explain or communicate, people want something "official".

Recently during a conversation in The Ramble Discord it was brought up that many felt there was not clear communication from the Top Witnesses themselves.

One example that was given was with the upcoming EIP changes now included in HF21. The @Steemitblog put out this post, where they explained the "community proposed changes" and also stated that it would not be something they were focusing on right now -

Right now our focus remains 100% on improving steemit.com, Communities, MIRA, finalizing the Steem Proposal System Hardfork (HF21 or the “SteemDAO”), and preparing to switch to SMTs. We do not have any plans to begin working on any code relating to these economic changes. But we do believe that this is a conversation worth having and one that we would be happy to participate in. Ultimately, the decision of when to begin work on these improvements, and in which hardfork to include them, will be up to the Steem community and the Witnesses they elect to approve Hardforks.

Then after push from witnesses (and stakeholders) the changes were suggested to be included in this hardfork itself. While there was a lot of discussion on these matters over the last few years, nothing was put on chain to explain the recent push to include them. This led to confusion from the community, and in my opinion furthered the "us vs them" and "secret room talks" narrative we have here.

While most witnesses I have spoken to felt the discussion had been had repeatedly, on chain as well, the community went from seeing Steemit inc saying it would NOT be included, to all of a sudden it being part of the deal.

Another simple case of fragmented communication that leads to unneeded frustration, contempt and drama.

Witnesses Are Representatives

The witnesses on Steem are elected officials who produce blocks as well as make decisions on the future of the chain itself. They are elected by stake based votes and to me they should be a representative of the community itself, or at least attempt to be - As they, along with Steemit Inc., are the leadership here.

If individuals are not happy with what they are doing they should first communicate this and then of course vote accordingly.

The issue I am hearing is that many feel that they don't know how to get a message to the witnesses, where to ask questions or to find the information. This is a core issue with steem in my opinion... sometimes it is just hard to find what you are looking for.

Clear Line Of Communication

During the recent discussion about this and how to prevent it going forward, it was suggested that the Top Witnesses elect a "representative" to post and speak on their behalf. That way the information was easy to find and all in one place.

I actually suggested this previously and was told that it was insane to think one person could speak on behalf of 20 independent witnesses. I believe this response is just based on confusion of what is being asked.. as all the community wants is to be kept in the loop and to BE HEARD.. this role would be nothing more than a "reporter" of sorts who relays information, even if the tops aren't saying all the same thing.

There is absolutely no reason why information cannot be gathered and the community informed of why decisions are being made.

When this topic was brought to me again and my response was "You need to go tell them what you want then. Get organized, make a post explaining what you want", I was told -

"I don't know where to post where the witnesses or even Steemit Inc will see it."

I honestly am not sure how to help with this. I have suggested a type of "Community Liaison" role to fill this gap between the Witnesses and or Steemit inc and the community itself and I still believe that doing so would solve so many issues, but I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

So all I can offer is a place to discuss, here on my blog.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

I don't know how to fix this problem, and can't speak for exactly what it is the community would like to see.. but I can offer a post that will be seen to share your thoughts, your wants, and your questions.

  • Do you have a suggestion for the witnesses to help better their communication with the community?
  • Do you have concerns you want them to know, and haven't been heard elsewhere?
  • Do you just have questions that you can't find the answers to about this hardfork or something else?

Now is the time to make them heard, and I will ensure they are seen. Make a comment below.

  • If there are questions asked that I have seen answered by the witnesses previously, I will try to provide a link.

  • Please let's try to make constructive comments that could actually provide a solution. I understand the frustration and welcome the community explaining their frustrations.. but I also believe that vulgar raging never really leads to much. Let your frustration be known, but let's have mutual respect.

  • I will promote this post to try to get it seen by as many as possible so that the community itself feels like it has a place to communicate.

My Goal

My only goal is to help find a solution - by connecting people in one place to have a discussion on how to improve this. I feel much of the frustration and division from the upcoming hardfork (as well as soooo many things in the past) could have been easily avoided (or at least lessened) but open and clear communication.

It's true that not every user cares about this, but there are enough that seem to that I felt the need to try to help in some way. This is what I can do at the moment, it's not much.. but maybe it's a start.

Share your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, and lets work together to move forward in a positive direction. As this blockchain is special due to the community here, and we can accomplish way more by working together then being divided.

Much Love and Steem On,


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