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Deviating from the Norm - Of Shutters and Lattes


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It's another day to enjoy coffee, may it be hot or cold, coffee is always pleasant! But if you ask me, I'd prefer iced and cold as it has been extremely hot in our town and even in the entire country. My husband, however, prefers hot and I rarely see him ordering cold ones.

Anyway, this was another opportunity to take photos of the cafe. I know I might have posted a few other photos of Sticky Buns but allow me to share with you these images taken with our Sony A7iii paired with Helious 44-2 58 mm f/2. This is a vintage lens that my husband bought online via Facebook Marketplace. He likes testing vintage lenses and we have a few of these vintage lenses in our dry box.

Testing a lens in a low-light scenario was enjoyable and the images turned out pretty nice! But I must say, postprocessing plays a vital role in photography too while there are cameras like Fuji(bias opinion) where the jpeg straight out of the camera looks good and doesn't require major editing, some if not most cameras that can shoot in RAW would scream the need of postprocessing.


And so these images were edited in a way that conveys a mood of coziness. Grain would make the images look film-like or vintage and I truly agree with that thought. But there's really something about cafes that makes them look super aesthetic.


This cafe is a blessing to our town. We now have a place to go if we need our caffeine fix. It isn't far and it has great good coffee smell as soon as you enter. The industrial wall and the accent wood on the counter invites the visitors to order at the counter. Although this has a dark interior, I can say they did a great job in creating a functional but also aesthetic space.


Deviate from the norm is their tag line. They encourage the Guindulmanons to level up their coffee game and turn away from the usual instant coffee! I can say that our locals here are also beginning to appreciate espresso and more. There are also a lot of the new generation who are looking for such kind of coffee thus making this business truly a striving one.


But they offer more than just coffee. The said cafe was once just a bakeshop, Sticky Buns Bakeshop but it was a successful business that Sticky Buns is already a very well known bakeshop in Bohol. From just one small bakery, they had expanded to more than 5 branches scattering from our town in Guindulman to Alicia, Jagna, Duero, and I believe they got one in Ubay too!

The coffee shop was a baby project of the owner's only son who had been seen as someone who loved coffee that even on his travels, he brought a portable grinder, and would brew his coffee while camping, on top of the mountain, and more. He also has a YouTube channel and he plays his video in one of the cafe's tv screens.


He also had invested to learn more about coffee making, he met a lot of business owners in Bohol, in Dauis, and Tagbilaran City who are already in the said business and are successful. Sticky Buns Cafe sources their beans from Bohol's very own coffee roaster, Common Crew and a lot more others.


Coming here, we can't help but take photos of the space as they are truly aesthetic! I must say that coffee shops are always a good place to take photographs! They usually turn out pretty good!

Here's the pricing for their croissants! They also offer ready to bake croissants for those who want to try baking them from their homes!
Here's our order coming! The hot latter comes with water and served in a wooden plate.

Such nice coffee! Perfect! My husband loves latte while I went for an iced cold salted caramel latte!

I got to try both so I must say, the owners indeed know what they are doing! They got three barista but only one of them would stay whole day long at the counter.


Croissant and a chocolate cake slice here! I love how oversized their croissants are! I remember visiting a place in Dauis and yes, its a cafe and they offer their croissant at a very high price but the size was way smaller than this!

One thing that this cafe is missing out is the availability of an internet connection. I could stay here longer if they got free wifi but none. I hope they'll try to offer that next time, they can set a voucher for an hour or two for that. I was also thinking they might not like it when there's too much crowd!



Check out the ambiance:




They even got some merchandise! I like the prints and there are hats there! They also sell their own coffee beans!

Thank you Sticky Buns Cafe! Thank you guys for reading this blog!


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