nugBlog #8: July 8, 2024

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Happy First Summer nug!

A few days ago you clearly said “Da-da” which was exciting. I don’t know if you knew that it meant me, but the sound was clear and you looked right at me. 💜

It’s been about 6 weeks since the last nugBlog. As usual, much has changed. You’re regularly up on all fours now, and even can do some ‘downward dog’ poses for a second. Mom thinks this means you’ll skip the crawling phase and move straight towards walking. Oh boy.

We have not baby-proofed yet, even though last time I said it would be “soon.” We probably should, but you haven’t shown interest in getting into places you shouldn’t be… yet.

Solid foods are also going well and you eat much more of them. Mashing fruit and egg into your baby cereal is the popular meal these days. You like most things, except peas and carrot puree (I don’t blame you). We will try it again, but won’t force it.

You’ve met many more people and have charmed them all. Daddy’s friend took some really nice pictures with a fancy camera too.

You have two visible teeth on the bottom, and they are hurting you a little. But you don’t cry or make much fuss about them—you’re a tough kid!

What else? You’ve ‘graduated’ to having only two naps per day, and you stay awake longer during the daytime. Nighttime sleep is still excellent (11-12 hours straight) and we thank you very much for that! It helps everyone stay happy and safe during the day.

We have lots to write about next blog for sure—and I know you will have changed even more.



This series of blogs is to catalog the memories, milestones, and reflections of parenthood. Perhaps one day you (the Nug) will be curious to read them! In the meantime, they’re a nice way for Dad to process this whole parenting thing. He’s a writer, so putting words out into the world is relaxing, therapeutic, and fun.

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