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Beautiful dragonfly photography in the middle of the forest


jasonmunapasee7.4 K28 days ago2 min read


Hello all friends who are always active here with me. On this very beautiful occasion, I am back here with you to show you some pictures that I took when I went into the forest to look for content that was interesting to see.

And one of the things I found when I entered the forest was a beautiful insect that was very small in size and it was a small dragonfly that was perched on the river bank.

Because on my journey at that time I entered the forest and also crossed a river, so when I crossed the river I saw this small and beautiful dragonfly perched on a leaf and stone in the forest.

Of course, when I saw it, I didn't waste it and immediately captured as many pictures as possible that I could get at that time.

And here I have tried to take pictures of these images in different positions so that all the pictures I get look entertaining for all of us.

And of course when I entered the forest I saw lots of other beautiful insects because we know these insects roam the forest.

And we also hear various strange sounds when we are there, and of course we always hear the sound of birds chirping in our ears when we are in the forest which is still very natural.

The forest is a place for wildlife that can always make many people enjoy its sound and beauty, such as wild birds that we never find in normal places.

So let's look at the pictures that I have taken together, hopefully everyone will be entertained by what I have shown above.










These are some of the pictures that I have taken. All of these pictures I took using a Canon Eos 700D Camera with a Canon 75-300MM Lens.


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