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The crazy business plan


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“Oh, my lovely friend! World best friend!” Tonia gave me a big hug the moment I opened my door.

“Calm down tiger, calm down and say what you want,” I said to Tonia.

“Oh Lord, Trisha you are no fun, can’t a girl walk into her best friend’s house, give her a hug, and say some nice things to her?” Tonia said to me and rolled her eyes.

“Tonia, a girl can but not a weird girl like you,” I replied.

“Whatever, I have something for you, scratch that I have something for us”, Tonia grinned.

“What could that be your Grace?” I said bowing my head.

“Something mind-blowing, something epic, something extraordinary”, Tonia smiled.

“Wait a minute, Tonia what do you have up your sleeves? Tonia Richardson Harry what in God’s name are you up to!” I shook Tonia’s hand.

“Relax my friend, calm down and listen to this brilliant idea of mine, this idea can never be found anywhere”. Tonia said beaming with a smile.

“Okay, start talking already”, I said to Tonia sounding impatient.

“Haha, Trisha you need to see your face right now”. Tonia said before laughing really hard.

“If you’re are not gonna talk then I better get back to what I was doing”, I said and made my way to the kitchen.

“Calm down sister, I will talk”, Tonia said as she made her way to join me in the kitchen.

“Okay, here is the thing, first of all, have you read the papers today? not yet, why?” I asked Tonia.

“Here you go, read the advertisement column". Tonia handed the papers to me.

I read so fast to see what was making my friend excited and I finally did.

“A lifetime supply of coffee from Bellarom for staying in a haunted mansion for a week? okay? How does this concern me?” I asked Tonia.

“It concerns you in many ways”.

“In many ways? How?

“Trisha this is one great business plan, imagine we get this lifetime supply of coffee and become major distributors of this coffee brand, we could be millionaires, and we can never go broke ever again!” Tonia said excitedly.

“By ‘we’ you mean who and who, please? I asked.

“You and me silly!” Tonia yelled.

“I think there is a mix-up somewhere as it cannot be me,” I replied.

“Trisha but why?" Tonia asked sadly.

“Because I don’t see myself in this business idea of yours, for starters who is going to stay in the haunted mansion for a week? I don’t see myself doing that nor do I see your parents letting you leave the house for a week, so tell me how would this mega plan of yours materialize?” I asked Tonia.

“Oh Lord, how can you be so pessimistic, Trish? Fine, you already know that I cannot go to the haunted mansion because of my parents, that is why I want you my friend to go. We will split the profit, you get 60% and I get 40%.'

“Oh Tonia I see that you have lost it, the superhero movies you’ve been watching have messed with your brain big time.”

“Oh Trisha”

“Oh, what? How do you just sit down and come up with such a ridiculous plan? How?

“Stop making it look like I am crazy or the business idea is crazy, just look at it critically and you will see the prospects.

“Oh God!” I laugh hysterically. “Critically? Prospect? Are you even okay? I mean health-wise.” I moved closer and laid my hands on Tonia’s forehead.

“Stop it, I am fine, I am neither sick nor crazy, I am just a girl with big dreams”, Tonia said smiling sheepishly.

“Who is this and what have you done to my friend?” "I always knew I was the sane one in this friendship because how would you want to endanger your life because of your big dreams? What if we both get killed by those monsters or ghosts in the mansion? Who is going to continue this business of yours, our spirits? Our bones?

“That’s enough please”, Tonia said annoyed.

“Ok, business tycoon I will pass on this ridiculous business idea of yours and the ones to come in the future because I know that there will be more.

We both burst into laughter and it took everything in us to stop laughing at everything I said.

“Ouch! My stomach. Thank you for laughing at this brilliant idea of mine.”

“You are welcome my friend, but Tonia how did you even think we both can pull this off when we both can’t stand watching horror movies and you want us to be characters in a real haunted mansion? Wow! Simply wow!"

"Don’t worry I will look for another business partner and our business will thrive"

"By all means my dearest friend, be my guest.” I smiled at Tonia.

“In fact, I am leaving already”, Tonia stood up to leave.

“T I made cookies, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies just the way you like it and I was just about to have a cup of coffee.” I winked at Tonia.


“Fine! I am just gonna leave after eating the cookies so it doesn’t waste”, Tonia replied.

“Now that’s my friend, the greatest foodie of all time and business tycoon”, we both laughed at my statement again.

“Trish just leave me alone please”, Tonia replied.

“No I can’t as we are stuck with each other like gums from old shoes”, I replied and we both smiled at each other.

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