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I watch the Hive-Engine for up and coming projects, and over the past two months have been exploring various communities and tokens that are launching as Tribes.

A tribe will generally have a common purpose or mission, and users are free to choose which communities they want to post in. You can't post in every community, but the main communities I am creating content in are LeoFinance and ProofOfBrain. I mainly post about Crypto and Money topics, but am also branching out to publish more than what I have already written about in the past. I chose to focus on the ProofOfBrain community because I believe in the concept.


#LeoFinance is Market & Finance related, and many of us have for years filled this chain with extremely useful historical data and analysis of not just crypto, but thousands of blocks of information. Hive is a lot of crypto, which isn't always the most interesting for new users. (That doesn't mean it is not valuable, but some people want to read about other subjects.) We are now in the process of filling out the various categories on Hive, discovering which communities they belong in.

LeoFinance is now where you can write about those financial market topics, and Tribe members with LEO staked will curate your Market&Finance related topics, gifting you extra tokens. I advise against selling any of these, because those who have sold their Hive for worthless fiat, are literally selling their vesting shares. They miss out on so much value, because they cashed out early.

Some of us however, see a much bigger vision for Hive.

This leads me to #ProofOfBrain. I have written a few articles about this, to raise awareness about it's existence. You can read the ideas I have shared regarding POB's potential, but I also warn that it could fall short. This is something I think a lot of other users can agree is a concern, but I believe it is a matter of consensus.

What should we be writing about in Proof Of Brain? It seems obvious to me. The best ideas! Sure you can write about brains. You can write about your thoughts. We need to have this discussion now, so we can define what this tag is all about. People are asking, some are laughing, but soon enough they will join us if we hold true to our philosophy.


1 Why I Think ProofOfBrain is worth more than HIVE

Do you believe in rewarding community members with tokens??
Our philosophy defines our tribe, as all POB hodlers should know.

2 Bro, Do You Even Have Any POB?

Proof Of Brain is cheap! Stake some.

3 What Is Proof Of Brain Exactly?

'Proof of Brain' is what we use on Hive.
The human behind the post, the mind.

I am optimistic, but I could be pessimistic as well. I read a lot of comments and listen to others opinions, and although I have a point of view can appreciate the views and opinions of others. Can people use #proofofbrain on any post? Sure. Should they? No.

I will simply abstain from voting for any post that does not qualify as worthy. I get to use my own judgement, as do all the other users who curate POB.


Over the past few days, the percentage of POB staked has decreased 0.6%. This is expected, but I have suggested what makes POB so valuable are two things.

Firstly the only way to get POB is to create content in the category, and earn upvotes from POB stakers, or buy it on the LeoDex, and stake those POB tokens.

Secondly I think POB is valuable because (likely) most of the users holding POB have been around for a while, and share a common understanding of what we are trying to accomplish by 'curating' great content. There will be some who are simply trying to make a buck, but most of us (I hope) see a bigger vision for the future of Hive.


The volume of POB traded has increased over the past month, and I think today might have been our first $1000+ day, or close to it. 24 hr volume is 1971.5 Hive, worth about $1023.678 at this time. What is the concept of "Proof Of Brain" to you?

It was defined as a mechanism for rewarding participants of a community. I interpret this as, for rewarding those who are putting their best ideas forward.


"Why didn't we think of this before??" We did, and we are still trying to live up to this ideal, with our posts and our engaging comments. We are looking for the best ideas to curate, but some content has been told and retold over and again. Sometimes we see content on the Created feed, that has just been beaten to death like a horse.

There are some posts that are necessary to create again and again; new users are going to be composing their best ideas too, so we shouldn't be too hard on them. Spreading the POB token across Hive to the users who are doing the most for the platform, giving pack to the community, powering up Hive and other HE-tokens, and participating in the consensus mechanisms of our decentralized community.

I always suggest to friends I onboard to Hive, to spend about 20-40 minutes composing their posts. Often when I do sit to write, I end up composing some thoughts and as I revise the initial post, change phrases, fix the grammer. I create images and that takes some time too. My intent is to create the best content, not just for my own self expression, but for other users who may not be aware of certain things. If we want 100k new users to post and curate on Hive, we better start writing some more interesting content to read. What do you want to read about?


Many times I reference back to my own material, and I create posts that I can use for a long time. I often compare Hive to the world wide web pages of the early Web1.0, and we are working on a new Web3.0 datalayer here. It is so much better!!

What is the purpose of POB? Whatever we want it to be. I suggest that we keep the Stake above 90% and use it to set an even higher standard for our second layer tokens, and for content creation. This is of course about holding ourselves to a standard.


You can give your POB votes to the best ideas you find, and when you earn rewards, stake them. Challenge yourself to create content that is Human Meaningful, that you are proud of. Due to the fact that Hivvers hold all the POB, we can set an example for other communities. Can we agree that keeping the staked % over 80 or 90% is something that is worthwhile for the future of this community?

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