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The Charm of Beauty at the Gas Station

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gunting610.1119 days ago2 min read


Hello friends, wherever you are, I hope you are in good health and can do various rupiah today as usual.
On this very beautiful occasion I want to entertain all of you with some photography of the charm of beauty at gas stations.

I captured these photos using a smartphone camera a few days ago when traveling to Samalanga, Bireuen district, Aceh and stopping at a gas station.

My interest in capturing this image was due to seeing a long fish pond next to the prayer room and in it there were several small fish of various colors.
Apart from that, the gas station area looks very clean and the shape of the building also looks very neat.

As usual, below I have some photography of the charm of the beauty of the gas stations that I stopped at. I hope you will be entertained by some of the photography that is being displayed.







Note: I am writing in Indonesian and using the help of Google translate to translate into English.

All gifts from this post will be burned and made into strength to support other hivers posts.

PhotographerSmartphone usedLocation
@guntingRealme C53Aceh Province. Indonesian Country.

Thank you for your visit.

Warm Greetings From



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