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Visiting a Polish settlement museum in Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil


fenngen1.7 K9 days agoTravelFeed3 min read

I have mixed feelings for all things related to colonization. On one side I resent the way these people did so much damage to everything and everyone that was native to the land, not taking the time to learn to coexist. Nonetheless I hold lots of admiration for their craftsmanship, resourcefulness, and capacity to meet most of their needs through order and work ethics.

You might ask why I choose to start the post with the previous words and the answer is because during my second day in Curitiba I got to visit several places that were oriented to the memory of European colonies in the city. While I choose to share this here, I don't wish for it to be just a blind homage to these people without acknowledgement of the brutal massacres that they brought to America. Let's both praise their worth and be conscious that we can still find better ways to interact with the native cultures and ecosystems of the places we arrive at in our journey of Life.


The first colony-related place we visited with the crew was the site where a Polish colony once existed, called forest João Paulo II, after catholic pope that slept there one night. There was an entire house dedicated to that one night the dude crashed there but I didn't take pictures of that because, come on...


I really liked the architecture of the houses, for certain I would like to live in such a place. 

Anyone here with European colonizer ancestry will feel these photos familiar.


Those who follow me for a while can guess that my highest level of fascination went towards the tools. My God, if would of had all those tools when living in the forest it would have been a different story. My ancestors had all that stuff, but traded their rich culture for modernity and comfort.


Then we saw the clothings. I suppose this might be interesting to some. For me it's a major and inescapable "meh". Either you show me clothes suited for the cold or don't bother me with that shit 🤭.


It was an interesting place but not enough for me to recommend you go there. 3 outta 5 for my liking. But hey, I'm an outcast of this society who would prefer to have been born in the jungle. You might enjoy the heck of this kind of tourism.

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