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Traditions and history


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This is probably the biggest mural I found around. Quite unexpectedly too. I know the wall and I know there was always some single graffiti on. Parts if it looked pretty ugly though.

In 2021 this large blue mural was created as a part of Street Art Festival.


The artistic interventions will take place on six gables, painted by artists invited by the municipality. It is curated by urban artist Ivo Santos, best known for Smile.

“From a community involvement perspective, the project aims to have the participation of young people from the area, who will have the opportunity to leave a mark on the territory and place where they live, creating a positive impact with and within their community”, reads also on the municipality's website , which integrates the event into the Mural 18 program, a new cultural platform, which brings together the Lisbon Metropolitan Area in defense of the artistic community and heritage.



And so you can spot wine, fishing , farming activities, different cultures..


Looking at it was almost like a challenge to spot all the details representing different parts of everyday life, history, and tradition. It is a pretty amazing job out there! And I like that the whole thing is kept in the blue and white colours. Like the traditional tiles (azulejos).


On the bottom right here, you can see a man taking off the cork from the cork oak. It is still done by hand today and takes some skill to do it without harming and killing the tree.


This is how the whole thing looks like. The area may ot be the best, but the wall looks pretty nice now.



Shot with Nikon D5500 + OnePlus 7 Pro
All photos and text are my own.



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