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Visiting a New Coffee Shop in Caripe 鉁ㄢ槙


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Hello friends馃憢 I hope you are very, very well, I had a long time without passing by here sharing my experiences around the enjoyment of a good coffee and this despite being one of my morning rituals since my day begins with a cup of black coffee full of that delicious aroma that awakens each of my neurons and makes me start on the right foot.


Today I want to tell you about a modest coffee shop that is located about 150 km from my place of residence, is that when I go for a walk I like to stop to enjoy a coffee and is that many times I am pleasantly surprised. This time I was visiting a mountainous town in the State of Monagas-Venezuela called Caripe, which in the country is known as the garden of the east, because its climate is very cool, besides that agriculture in general is very good, and they also plant and harvest a very good coffee, so for me it is almost mandatory when I visit it, to have a coffee.



In Caripe I have a coffee shop that I always go to when I want to enjoy a good coffee, (I have already shared it here in the past) so this time I wanted to explore a little more and find a new place to try. here in Venezuela it is very common that bakeries are also coffee shops and this makes sense because a coffee with bread is delicious even if it is not so healthy hehehehehehe. This new place I visited is called El Sol De Torrez it is a small but very cozy place, they have a very nice atmosphere where you can enjoy the coffee and you can also have a good conversation.


To accompany the coffee we ordered a golfeado with cheese bathed in paprika syrup, which was very soft, fluffy and delicious, we also ordered a roll filled with arequipe and sprinkled with powdered sugar, which was also very delicious. I ordered my coffee with a little milk, since I prefer coffee this way in the afternoon, and my partner ordered one that they call tetero, since it is 90% milk and 10% coffee. The truth is that Caripe's coffee does not disappoint me and I can recommend this place to enjoy a good coffee and excellent service.




Thank you for stopping to read, your support is very important to me, in the comments I am attentive to read them. I bid you farewell hoping to see you in an upcoming blog. 鉂わ笍



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