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I visited HOLA! Supercenter C.A. & paid Hive Dollars & here is my review

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edtest13.9417 days ago

compra de pollo en brasa excelente servicio. Holasupercenter.


Business name: HOLA! Supercenter C.A.
Paid Amount: 13.000 Hive Dollars
Rewards Claimed: 5.850 Hive Dollars (45.00 % of 13.000 Hive Dollars)

To benefit from Distriator and receive discounts on your Hive Dollars purchases:

  1. Spend Hive Dollars at listed businesses on Distriator (See business list here - https://distriator.com/#/businesses).

  2. Make sure business issues a QR Invoice from v4v.app / Hive-Keychain app.

  3. Go to https://distriator.com, log in, follow the instructions, and make your claim.


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