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Birds in the snow


derangedvisions24.1 K28 days agoPeakD3 min read


When will winter end?


This winter has been pretty stubborn when it comes to leaving. It seems like every weekend we are getting another small snow storm. Last night, it started snowing at around 9pm and we got a little bit more snow this morning. It won't last long, but it sure is confusing all of the animals.


I got a bird feeder yesterday and filled it up with some bird seed. It didn't take long for the birds to find it and the feast was on.


I am planning on getting several more feeders and setting them up in several different spots in my yard. I have a place in front of my bedroom window where I am going to be putting a humming bird feeder, and on the other side, it will have a feeder like this one. That way I can take pictures of the birds from my room without disturbing them.


I think this family of birds lives in my neighbors bush, but if I keep refilling the bird seed for them, I think they might decide to move into my yard.



I am not a bird expert and don't really know the differences between the bird species, but I think I am going to learn a lot about them this spring and summer as I watch them eat from my feeders.


I wish it wasn't snowing and raining while I was taking these pictures, so I could have stayed out there a bit longer and gotten some more shots.



I am hoping that as time goes on, these birds will become familiar with me getting close to them so I can get some better pictures. The overcast sky made it hard to get crisp clear shots because my shutter speed had to be a bit slower, but once the sun decides to come out, it will be easier to use a faster shutter speed and get crisp shots of the birds in flight.


These little birds move pretty quickly, and I will need a lot faster than a shutter speed of 1/200th of a second to eliminate any motion blur.


Hopefully these birds don't eat all of the bird food too quickly. It is only $20 for a large bag of food, so hopefully it will last a few weeks at least.


I am pretty sure these birds are all part of the finch family because of the shape of their beaks. It will be fun to learn more and more about the different birds that live near my home. There are a few tiny yellow birds that I have seen in my neighbors yard and I really hope to be able to get some cool shots of them as well.


April 1st is coming up quickly and that is when I will be putting my hummingbird feeders out. I can't wait to see how many hummingbirds show up this year. They are my most favorite birds and I can't wait to see them again.


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