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An Exciting Coffee Experiment with a Glass Percolator

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Medelco One All 8-Cup Capacity Stovetop Glass Percolator

Catherine Channel, a popular YouTube content creator, recently purchased a glass percolator for both electric and gas stoves. In her latest video, she shares her experience using this new coffee apparatus, which she bought for just under ten dollars from Walmart. Catherine ordered the percolator online and had it shipped to her local store, receiving a notification when it was ready for pick-up.


Setting up her percolator, Catherine boils water on her stove and prepares caramel-flavored ground coffee. As a person who doesn't consume much coffee, she follows the instructions on the package, using one scoop for each cup of water. However, unsure if she selected the correct coffee grind, Catherine proceeds with caution and ensures a thorough cleaning of the percolator before use.

To enhance the taste, Catherine adds Torani Creme Caramel Syrup with Little Squirt Syrup Pump, Glass Bottle 750ml 25.4 Ounces. She chooses not to use sugar, preferring to experiment with alternative sweeteners. After assembling the percolator and letting the coffee brew for a couple of minutes, Catherine shares her initial impressions of the final result. Although she notices a few stray coffee grounds in her cup, she enjoys the aroma and taste of the caramel coffee.

Catherine concludes by expressing her excitement about exploring coffee despite not being a regular coffee drinker. She finds the overall taste pleasing and plans to continue experimenting with different flavors and coffee grounds. Although she acknowledges the need for better understanding the grind sizes, she remains optimistic about future coffee endeavors.

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YouTube channel - catherine: https://www.youtube.com/@catherine005

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