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Rydges Darling Square Apartment Hotel: Sydney, AUSTRALIA


bengy11 K10 days agoTravelFeed3 min read


Another work trip to Sydney, and this time a different hotel... I guess that the usual place that I stay in when I'm playing with this particular group was either too expensive or just booked out. Hard to tell... Sydney is a pretty busy city, and it does host some blockbuster events that tend to wipe out the accommodation supply... all the better to live elsewhere!

But still... I sort of preferred this one, it was closer to the heart of the city, near the Chinatown area... which meant that it was super easy to get dinner and takeaways after a long day of rehearsing! But still close enough to the waterfront to be able to take the ferry daily... the bus was also an option, with less walking and being cheaper... but there is something really quite special about taking the ferry across the Sydney harbour area!


It is a sort of inviting foyer... well, interesting is perhaps more the word. But not one of the ones where I would want to sit. For some reason, it has a bit of a Twin Peaks sort of vibe about it... or was that the sequel?


The upstairs area is a bit more inviting... less weirdly shadowy, but it is a pretty glitzy... I guess that is Sydney in a nutshell!


... because the core substance upstairs, is decidedly LESS glitzy!


Okay, it isn't that bad... but it is incredibly bland... even for a hotel/serviced apartment corridior!


There is the usual serviced apartment amenities for cooking... terrible pots and pans, and utensils that are wonky, and knives that are dangerously blunt. And a nice welcome spread... that isn't a welcome spread, but an overpriced snack bar. Grrrrr.... I miss the old school places that had a nice spread to welcome you. I had one that had a really great bottle of port!


The room is incredibly open... this is a place with little to no privacy, but if you are travelling alone it is okay... if you don't mind the kitchen and the bedroom not even being separated by a partial wall!


The view outside is straight into offices or apartments... I guess you could sit out there if you really wanted to... but it was cold, and I have no desire to sit right above a busy road!

So, good location for food... but not much else! But I don't need anything fancy in a hotel... just power, shower, and a clean bed! So, I'll take that proximity to easy food!

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