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The Avenida Táchira


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Hello my people @pinmaple, today I share with you this area of ​​my city, "the most exclusive area", today we will pin 📍 the "Avenida Táchira".🔗

The "Avenida Táchira"; is the first way Built in the Bolívar State, Venezuela. The objective is to connect the city airport, It is from La Casa San Isidro to "the snows" school. It was inaugurated on February 15, 1941. 1600 meters long. When the construction of the avenue was completed, they granted more than 85 property titles to the lands of Táchira equal to the number of the workers who worked in construction Many of these workers ended up selling their plots to middle and upper class people who can They preferred to abandon the historic center to build modern villas on the avenue. Some preserved to this day.

But less start for the beginning Thanks to the blog "crónicas Angostureñas de Américo Fernández" 🔗

Inauguration of Táchira Avenue: we are towns like yesterday rivals / today we share with brotherhood.”
Once Táchira Avenue was built and inaugurated, Governor Ovidio Pérez Ágreda decreed the Rafael Urdaneta stadium on the same road artery, for which he allocated an amount of 80 thousand bolivars. The Municipal Council, chaired by Adrián Cordoliani, reacted against the name and proposed that it be called Tomás de Heres and to reinforce it, it relocated the bust of Heres that was in Plaza Talavera, at the intersection of Táchira Avenue and 5 de July. On July 24, 1942, the anniversary of the Liberator's birth, the Tomás de Heres stadium on Táchira Avenue was formally inaugurated. There was a campaign mass inside the same stadium and Governor Carlos Meyer, who replaced Pérez Ágreda, presented 85 property titles for the Táchira lands to the same number of workers who worked on the construction of the avenue that incorporated the capital city to urban development. The workers ended up selling their plots to people from the middle and upper class who preferred to leave the historic center to build modern villas on the avenue. The Nuestra Señora de las Nieves School, the Social Sports Club Tennis Court were also built and the so-called Morichal de Rafael Alejo was also established there where in February 1946 the poets Miguel Otero Silva and Nicolás Guillén were entertained, both invited by the governor as well. poet, Héctor Guillermo Villalobos, to offer the Bolivarian people a recital"

I was walking through its streets recently and as you can see in the photos it is a quite exclusive area. Full of hotels, restaurants, beautiful houses, art and murals everywhere and at the beginning of the street is located the "Casa San Isidro", historical heritage of our nation and which I will be sharing with you in future Posts.

📸: Lumix Panasonic DMC-FH15

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