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Coffee's Energy— Take many sips of Coffee and Propose to Your Friend


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Rehana and Asif are both university students. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but also has a kind heart and intelligence that is recognized by her classmates. Asif, along with the other students, is also attracted to her innocence and beauty. One day, Asif realized that he had feelings for her and decided to express them to her. Before going to bed at midnight, he sent a text to her asking to meet her at the university's gate the next day.

When Rehana's mother read a message from a boy Asif for the first time in her life early in the morning, she was shocked. A mother thought of a piece of advice before sending her beautiful daughter off to university.

"Stay away from the obscene lassies of the University, they don't miss any opportunity to destroy the honor of Hawa's daughter. I hope you won't take any step that will harm our honor."

Rehana, who was washing her face in the basin, heard her mother's angry words and spoke.

"Mommy! What's up? Is everything good? When bad boys have been hooking up with me?"

Hearing the innocent answer of Rehana, her mother spoke up.

"Daughter! This is the first time that I have seen a message from a boy on your mobile. I am afraid that my daughter is hiding something from me. That is the reason why I spoke to you early in the morning with anger"

Rehana, who had washed her face, covered her head, picked up the university bag, and left for the university saying this in a displeased manner.

"Mom! You also know that I have been studying all night. I got up in the morning after praying and was busy with university preparations. I have not spoken to any boy before and I will not. You needlessly have been worrying yourself."

When Rehana's mother saw, she was leaving the threshold of the house, she spoke in a loud voice.

"Rehanna! Go eat breakfast. I didn't mean to hurt you early in the morning."

Before these words reached Rihanna's ears, she had gone out of the house. While going in the Rickshaw, she was thinking of taking Asif with her hands.
Asif who was waiting for Rehana at the university gate for the last 30 minutes. Suddenly, seeing Rihana sitting in the rickshaw, he filled himself with happiness. As soon as Rehana got off the rickshaw, Asif spoke.

"Rihanna! How are you? I hope you got my message."

Rehana who had already been scolded by her mother because of Asif's message, spoke

"Asif! I have warned you a thousand times that my family is not as free-thinking as your family. I am a girl bound in the chains of family traditions. One of your messages has raised a doom in me on such a night. Why did you need to send a message on mobile late at night?"
Hearing these words, Asif, who was helpless in the hands of Rehana's love, realized the delicacy of the matter. With tears in his eyes, he replied in a low voice out of embarrassment.

"Rehanna! I didn't mean to hurt you or your mom. We are good friends and it's our last semester of university so I want to make memories with you. That's why I texted you to meet me at the university.

"Please forgive me and mend your mood."

Rehana felt sorry to see Asif's embarrassment. Before that, Asif cursed himself inwardly in further regret she continued,

"Asif! I know you didn't do it on purpose. But God! Be careful next time. After my had left this world, our situation is not the same anymore. Mom is watching my every little activity. This is the reason why I don't pick up my mobile phone at home. Well, you can tell me now, Is everything fine? Why have you sent me a message on my mobile phone at night?"

Seeing Rehana in a good mood, Asif said in a spontaneous voice.

"Rihanna! Botany heads are on vacation today, so I thought I'd buy you Coffee from the hotel next door, so we can talk about our future. That's the reason I sent you a message at night."
"Asif, you are talking about Meezan Hotel Is Rukhsar also praising this hotel yesterday? Let's go."

Rihana and Asif sit at the first table of the hotel in the female hall. Asif orders two cups of coffee. Asif is thinking in his heart that he will tell Rehana about his heart today with every sip of coffee. After ten minutes, both of them start drinking coffee.
Asif would sometimes look at the coffee in the cup and sometimes at Rehana. Asif said after taking his first sip.

 "Rehanna! You know I'm in love with you. I want to turn our friendship into a happy marriage."
Rehana, who had been waiting for Asif's proposal for years, spoke shyly.

"Asif! I like you too. But it's not about our liking. It's about pleasing mom. You should talk to my mom. It's an honor to marry my classmate and friend. Is not?"

Hearing these words, Asif was overwhelmed with joy. Like the sweetness of coffee, sweetness came into his nature. He kissed Rihanna's head and gave a prize to the hotel employee who not only presented them with a sweet coffee but also a magical love in it.

This coffee rewarded him courage to speak the words of love. Thus, in a coffee shop, true friendship sets a new foundation for a relationship. It was the sweetness of coffee that tied two hearts together in love.

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