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As a coffee lover, I always like to innovate its flavors and create my own combinations. It is not only about the mixture of coffee with milk, or with chocolate, that we like so much and are used to prepare, but the different flavoring spices that can be used to create the perfect combination.


Cinnamon and vanilla have always been my favorite flavorings, but I have also always used a mixture of coffee powder with cloves and cinnamon, either powdered or in sticks. I prepare this one in a container that I keep tightly closed so that all the aromas merge. This time I prepared my mixture with cinnamon sticks and every time I prepare my coffee, it gives off wonderful smells.


Recently, I stopped using sugar in my coffee, and I do not use sweeteners or "panela", as some people do. It has not been easy to get used to this absence of sugar in coffee, so I wanted to try other flavoring spices in my blend to dissipate a little the absence of sweetness.


That is why I came up with the idea of using star anise. This seed has a very strong aroma, invades the content, and allows me to ignore the absence of sugar in my daily coffee. But I tell you that the mixture of the three is great. The aroma of the three spices, and the coffee, is too attractive, not only to the nose but to the palate. If it is to everyone's taste, you can add drops of vanilla, the aroma is stronger.


To give a final touch to my combination, after boiling the water with the spices; half a cinnamon stick, a teaspoon of cloves and a teaspoon of anise, I poured it over my strainer with coffee powder. After straining it, I blended it in the blender, resulting in a mixture of frothy flavored coffee, much richer still.


You can see in the images, the normal flavored coffee, and the sparkling one. Both are delicious. Thank you all for visiting my blog and reading me. I say goodbye until another opportunity to tell more beautiful stories in the company of a good coffee.


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